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Item: AR011 | Name: Metal Handmade Steam Roller Model
Specification: Item# AR011 - 10.5"L x 5.5"W x 5"H

MSRP: $ 69.28 NOW: $ 45.35 (20+ in stock)

The world's first steam roller had been demonstrated in 1860 in France, built by Monsieur Louis Lemoine. Thereafter, Aveling & Porter Ltd. of Rochester, Kent became the most successful manufacturer of road rollers in Britain, eventually producing a total output of about 20,000 rollers of both steam and internal propulsion engines. Our steam roller model is handcrafted out of iron. It features many intricate details such as front and rear rollers, engine, seat, steering wheel, front roller guard, frame, and a unique OK-FOL 20 decal on each side.

It's a great model for any home or office decoration or passionate collectors.

A steamroller (or steam roller) is a form of road roller – a type of heavy construction machinery used for leveling surfaces, such as roads or airfields – that is powered by a steam engine. The leveling/flattening action is achieved through a combination of the size and weight of the vehicle and the rolls: the smooth wheels and the large cylinder or drum fitted in place of treaded road wheels.
The majority of steam rollers are outwardly similar to traction engines as many traction engine manufacturers later produced rollers based on their existing designs, and the patents owned by certain roller manufacturers tended to influence the general arrangements used by others. The key difference between the two vehicles is that on a roller the main roll replaces the front wheels and axle that would be fitted to a traction engine.

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