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Item: B073 | Name: Wellcraft
Specification: Item# B073 - 29.0L x 7.5W x 11.0H Inches

MSRP: $ 870

Our luxurious Well Craft is handcrafted from beautiful wood such as rosewood, mahogany, teak and along with various exotic wood. It is then painted in antique white and navy blue with an outer coat of clear vanishes. The hull is constructed using plank on frame method, each strip of exotic wood are carefully join together to form a smooth hull. Our Well Craft has eye catching details such as the glossy white interior color, tinted windshield, colorful navigation dashboard, shiny metal steering wheel, metal rail surrounding the cruiser, etc. All these detailed ornaments contribute to a stunning wooden Well Craft. A detachable wooden stand comes standard on this model. The model is completely hand built by skillful and creative master craftsmen; you will be amazed at how real it looks. Our Well Craft model was built according to scale through original plans, pictures and drawings. This model is shipped fully-assembled and ready for display.

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Item: P020 | Name: Speed Boat Display case * * * * ( 8 ratings )
Specification: Item# P020 - 39.5L x 16.0W x 18.0H Inches

MSRP: $ 490 NOW: $ 466

This beautiful display case was made out of hard wood and painted in dark mahogany color. It has distinctive designs that add elegance and beauty when displayed in your home or office. It comes with plexiglass panels on all sides. This case can be used to display your beautiful speed boat such as Riva Aquarama, Chris Craft, Ferrari Hydroplane, etc. This case is very effective when it comes to preventing dust particles as well as keeping your valuable speedboat looking new and protected at all time. It is a must have for model ship enthusiasts or passionate collectors. This item is shipped with the frame and plexiglass panels fold down so some assembly is required. The maximum inside dimension is 36.5L x 12.5W x 16.5H inches.

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* * * * * Easy to assemble.
Reviewed by: customer , Date: 10/14/2021 , Source: Amazon

Comment: Easy to assemble. I display my 1/350 USS New Jersey model battle ship, looks first class. The fit and finish are good, especially classy with a dark wood base and side supports. No complaints whatsoever.

* * * I purchased this display case for my Munster Figurines.
Reviewed by: Diane B , Date: 9/29/2021 , Source: Amazon

Comment: I purchased this display case for my Munster Figurines. I measured the tallest one which was Herman at15.6". I read the measurements for this case and the height was supposed to be inside 16". It is barely 15". This is not a cheap product and it should have been exactly the size they claim. Everything else is great! No scratches. Easy to assemble. Just not the right size!

* * * * * This product was used for the AVANTI RUNABOUT,perfect fit, good quality.
Reviewed by: Amazon Customer , Date: 7/25/2021 , Source: Amazon

Comment: This product was used for the AVANTI RUNABOUT,perfect fit, good quality.

* * * This model case is is entirely fine
Reviewed by: Barbara Ford , Date: 9/26/2020 , Source: Amazon

Comment: This model case is is entirely fine as to quality and ease of assembly but anyone (like me) who might thinking about ordering the thing based on the stated inside height dimension of 16.5 inches needs to know that the actual inside heigh dimension when assembled is 14-3/4” or a full 1-3/4” shorter than stated in the offering. For the “speedboat” that this case is designed/marketed for that difference probably doesn’t matter, but I ordered the case to house an eBay model of the SS Stavangerfjord steamship ocean liner which has two tall masts requiring a 16-1/4” to clear with the model on a regular wooden base with finial supports. And of the case therefore could not accommodate the model I intended it for--by a full 1-1/2”. I registered my complaint about this with Amazon seeking authorization for return including shipping costs and am assume this would be authorized, but since doing that I found that if I took the ship model off of its base/finial supports and cut a slot for the rudder sticking down below the keel line of the hull, the thing would fit into the case with a hair’s breadth at the top above the masts--with the ship sitting directly on the case base instead of on supports. So I am not going to pursue my refund--and end up being very satisfied with this quality case. But having to remove the model from its base is a little unusual and would not have been necessary if the inside dimension had been the full 16.5” that was advertised. I also find it very frustrating that the system for selling here did not provide any way to contact the actual manufacturer or vending company to talk about the problem--including the possible alternative solution of drilling holes in the top to let the masts stick out. Even the catalogue of products from the same vendor the came with the case lists only a phone number for Amazon itself. Why can’t customers be allowed to contact their vendors when they need/want to? I find it easy to dialogue with vendors when I buy through eBay (by e-mail, not phone, to be sure). Why not here?

* * * * * Very good quality. Packaged well. Manufacturer did a great job.
Reviewed by: Piano Addict , Date: 7/30/2020 , Source: Amazon

Comment: Very good quality. Packaged well. Manufacturer did a great job. Very easy to assemble. Looks great. Acrylic panels very clear. Delivery via UPS was a bit rough but the minor ding didn't affect looks. I highly recommend it.

* * * The inside dimensions in the description on the length is OFF by a full inch! It is 35 1/2 inches,
Reviewed by: TED T. , Date: 7/28/2020 , Source: Amazon

Comment: The inside dimensions in the description on the length is OFF by a full inch! It is 35 1/2 inches, not 36 1/2. The base had significant scratches, more than expected, but a quick rub with stain/sealer worked great. The problem is that my model of USS Arizona is nearly 35 1/2 inches long so it barely fits. Shipping was extremely slow and at one point it was listed as possibly lost by Amazon. The color is actually a red mahogany stain vice the dark/black cherry in the description photos. Packing was pretty good. Had I known this was shorter than advertised I would not have ordered this case.

* * * * * So easy to put together and looks as good as a cas
Reviewed by: Anne Wong , Date: 10/12/2018 , Source: Houzz

Comment: So easy to put together and looks as good as a case used in a museum.

* * * * Model ship looks great in the display case.
Reviewed by: terp , Date: 3/10/2018 , Source: Amazon

Comment: Model ship looks great in the display case. One of the Plexiglas sides was not cut correctly and difficult to assemble

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