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Name: Red Wooden Canoe with Ribs 16
Specification: Item# K187 - L: 187.5 W: 31.5 H: 24 Inches

MSRP: $ 8808

Throwing it back to another time, an era of tradition and craftsmanship, this canoe is as much showpiece as it is ultimate water vessel. Beautiful in red to look at, you will love exploring the local waterways as you enjoy the richness of the wood, the detail and character offered by the ribs and the way in which the watercraft smoothly glides along. This canoe will become a weekend tradition with your family. Fish, paddle, race, jump off and swim. Whatever the activity, this boat will accommodate and look amazing doing so. Over 500 hours to create, this canoe is made with only the best cedar and hardwoods available. Finished with a fiberglass resin, you get performance, longevity and stunning design. This canoe measured as follow: * Length: 187.5 inches * Width (Beam): 31.5 inches * Mid Height: 12 inches * Bow/Stern Height: 24 inches * Weight: Appr. 52lbs * Rocker: Slightly rocked - 4 inches * Capacity: 650lbs Features - Stunning beautiful clear graded cedar and hardwood hull - Internal ribs make the boat stronger and even more beautiful - Fiberglass adds important tensile strength and abrasion resistance to the wood - Come with a show graded set of wooden paddles. - Painted in Red Color Click HERE for a video of this canoe

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